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Summer is here!!!

I have not written a blog post in a while but seeing today is officially the 1st day of Summer, I felt compel to write. 
Today is also International T-Shirt Day!!! I'm sure most of you did not even know there was such a thing so now you know. International T-Shirt day celebrates the wardrobe staple that has really never, ever gone out of style. Even though everyday is pretty much a T-Shirt day for me, I love that there is a day to pay homage to an article of clothing that truly symbolizes the laid-back lifestyle. 
T-Shirts are fun, versatile and allows the individual to style their T-Shirt as they please because there really is no wrong way to wear a T-shirt. Wearing Rooted Collections T-Shirts with our uniquely stylish designs, lets you show off your love for your roots and pride for your country. So lets all take a second… just one second… to give thanks to fashion’s most iconic top... T-Shirt.

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